ROYAL FISH - frosen seafood products

ROYAL FISH SRL was established in 1991 and took on the business management of the pre-existing Ittica NR Sas, specializing in the wholesale of frozen seafood produtcs

Our firm distinguishes itself in an ever developing field thanks to the passion for our job, our commitment to the pursuit of top quality and our close cooperation with supplier who are leaders in the most important supplying markets.

  • OUR JOB: Import, storage and trade of frozen seafood products.
  • OUR CUSTOMERS: Wholesalers, retailers, catering firms, processing firms.
  • OUR GOAL 1: We aim at becoming more and more the cheapest access to the sea products for all our customers.
  • OUR GOAL 2: We aim at becoming more and more the most reliable and profitable way for our current and future supplier to sell their products.
Royal Fish